There once was a little boy named Fionn who lived on a farm

on a green, green island

in the blue, blue sea.

On Fionn’s farm there were a handful of happy cows, a few clucky chickens,

and a gigantic garden filled with the most tremendously tasty vegetables.

But little Fionn did not like vegetables.

He would not eat them.



Since it is “Pancake Tuesday” in Ireland, I am sharing with you a lovely recipe for sweet carrot pancakes which our little boy fashioned after he pulled his very first round of carrots from the garden. It is now virtually the only way to get him to eat these yummy vegetables.

I thought it would be fun to share an excerpt from a children’s picture story I wrote a few years ago and brought all the way to the Bologna Book Fair , hoping we could meet with a publisher to very politely persuade to publish it.  Little did I know, the book fair was focused on books that were already sold and shopping rights to other parts of the world and/or television and film. Didn’t sell the book, but definitely learned a lot and got to enjoy at least one brilliant bowl of Bolognese!

The story, which is about a small Irish boy named Fionn who lives on a farm and won’t eat his vegetables (sound familiar?) includes Geoffrey’s clever recipe for carrot pancakes at the end of the book.

His carrot pancakes go a little like this….

First, you’ll need to find the freshest, most brightly-coloured organic carrots {preferably pulled from your very own garden} and with mommy’s help, grate one or two along with a little bit of sweet orange zest…

Mix it into your pancake batter, making sure you can see all the fun orange bits, of course

Pour em’ onto your griddle and wait until they bubble up and turn golden on both sides. We like to garnish with home-made cinnamon + vanilla butter and icing sugar, but you can use pure maple syrup or golden syrup or anything your heart desires….

Happy Pancake Tuesday!

Slan Abhaile,


Photos & Styling by Imen McDonnell.

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