It wasn’t until my first Irish family Christmas that I was introduced to the quirky splendor of the Christmas cracker. Ever since, I get giddy with excitement when I see them nestled up next to our plates at Christmas or St. Stephen’s Day just calling out to be pulled apart with a loud snap and lots of laughter.

When our little boy brought home a holiday activity book from school that included a how-to page for constructing Christmas crackers from scratch, I knew we had to sit down and give it a try.

We had loads of fun making crackers for our family and friends on a snowy Sunday afternoon. Fill them with a little tissue paper crown, a handwritten riddle or perhaps a fortune like we did {“I see many lovely pressies for you in the near future”} and some tiny treats-either kiddie-style (choccy gold coins, finger puppets) or grown-up (small biscuits or a small handmade ornament).

You can buy the snap tape in specialty shops and I’ve been told the Euro store as well, they are lovely with or without the pop. These crackers make lovely hostess gifts or gifts for workmates + friends during the holidays.

Happy Cracker Making!

Slan Abhaile,


Photo by Imen McDonnell. Assisted by Master Geoffrey McDonnell

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