Irish Farmhouse Butter

Farmer’s Cheese

Clotted Cream

Irish Brown Bread

Farmhouse Apple Cider

Peggy’s Gooseberry Jam

Hedgerow Martinis

Wild Garlic + Flax Seed Soda Bread

The Bees

An Irish Apple Tart

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3 Responses to “Traditional Irish Skills”

  1. Shaheen says:

    I am so intrigued by your list of traditional skills. I have thoroughly enjoyed going through them.

  2. […] Things You Always Wanted to Know About Being Married to an Irish Farmer but Were Afraid to Ask  to traditional time-honored skills,  recipes Imen has learned over the past two years living in Ireland. If I could eat it I would […]

  3. […] have also added two new pages on the right hand side:  “Settling In” and “Traditional Skills”. Both quick links to past blog posts with “Settling In” being a sort of pre-food round up of […]

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