Summer in the city = loads of blue skies + sun and plenty of new {memorable} experiences. This week we stamp flying kites and soaking up the multicultural melting pot we call America onto our passports for adventure.

Yesterday, the little farmer and I stumbled upon 49¢ kites at the store around the corner. We bought two and made our way to the nearby park to quickly assemble the colourful flying machines and give em’ a go. Straight away, the warm breeze scooped up our kites and they soared high into the sky. I have to admit, it was awesome. I can’t remember the last time I flew a kite, it might have been when I was Geoffrey’s age. People cheered us on as we ran up and down the open field while screaming with laughter and joy. It was pure recession-proof, innocent, buzzworthy fun.

After working up quite an appetite on our kite-flying escapade, we decided to make our way to the Hmong Village Kitchen in St. Paul. I had read about this special Southeast-Asian market in a local magazine and was very keen on having a look and introducing our little farmer to another culture. I was not disappointed. Colourful. Friendly. Spicy. Busy. Deep Fried. Foreign. Fragrant. Delicious. A feast for all senses. We gobbled up gorgeous red-glazed spicy pork belly with sticky rice for lunch along with a tangy Laotian salad on the side.

We spied fried chicken feet, quail, spatchcocks, Hmong sausages, bean sprout salads, sliced mango with powdery chili pepper sprinkles, banh mi, tri-coloured tapioca smoothies, coconut filled bread, malaysian meatballs, whole fried white bass, papaya salad, boba teas, fried bananas, loads of rice based pastries and dishes.  Meanwhile, the fruit and vegetable stands were filled with fresh lychee, guava, mango, rambutans, lemongrass, Thai bananas, tamarind and many, many more exotic offerings that I could not identify nor could the vendors translate to English.

But,  possibly the best part was discovering our love for Longan fruit. Yum!

*We will be in the USA until the end of August and sharing blog posts about our holiday abroad. Regular Irish Foodie posts will resume upon our return to the craggy isle. xx

Slan Abhaile,


Photos by Imen McDonnell.

Hmong Village Market & Kitchen,

1001 Johnson Pkwy

St. Paul, MN 55106

11am-7pm (may vary)
BAR: None









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