Settling In

01 Jan 2012

The Picture Perfect Parish

Major Wardrobe Malfunction

Fair Weather Friend

Take Me Home Country Roads

Irish Standard Time (IST)

Cream Teas and Mac N Cheese

“Tis’ Different”

To Dredge Or To Shovel?

Teddy McBeddy

Irishly Ever After

Farm Kid/City Kid

Beejeebus & Janey Mac

Like + So + Now

The Irish Country Wake

Cross Dressing A Wild Hare

Sex And The Country

Young McDonnell Had A Farm

Are You Horsey?

Farm Fresco

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Country Hospitality

Beauty & The Beasts

Irish Soup For The Soul

5 Cows A Calving

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3 Responses to “Settling In”

  1. Laura Potts says:

    Hi Imen. I’ve just discovered your blog and I feel like I’ve found a kindred spirit. I, too, used to work in media (in Detroit) before marrying a Brit and moving to rural England in 2005. We don’t live on a farm, exactly, but we are in a thatched cottage with chickens, a large veg garden, etc. I now work as an editor and I’d love to talk to you about an opportunity to work together. I’d be grateful if you could get in touch – I’d love to work with you. All the best, Laura

  2. […] have also added two new pages on the right hand side:  “Settling In” and “Traditional Skills”. Both quick links to past blog posts with “Settling In” being a […]

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