If you have reached this blog for the first time, you may be wondering what on earth a Pedal Pub has to do with marrying an Irish farmer….well, I can tell ya. For 1. we could certainly use a pedal pub or two in our part of the world and 2. I am currently Stateside getting my fill of summer city livin’ {for you Irish farmers interested in marrying American city girls, this is a prerequisite). If you’re not interested in my American summer musings, have a peek at this post or this or even this to see what I am usually getting up to in my little Irish farmhouse kitchen + studio.

This week I have made two too good to be true acquaintances. One, as seen above involves a pedal powered pub and the other, the stunning @freshtartsteph of Dara & Co/Minnesota Monthly and her own lovely food blog, Fresh Tart.

While I was driving through the city centre today, I spotted The Pedal Pub cycling down a busy street. I did a double-take because I hadn’t seen such a thing before. There sat 8 people bellied up to the bar, casually pedaling away. Good way to have some cheer and burn off the calories at the same time. Awesome!

Stephanie Meyer and I had been swapping tweets & messages for a few months before I arrived in the Twin Cities this summer. I am in love with every ounce of her food posts as well as her column in Minnesota Monthly mag. She’s the eyes and ears of the Mpls-St. Paul locavore movement and clearly puts loads of passion + effort into championing her hometown food brands/chefs/restaurants and farms. Stephanie also created  MN Food Bloggers, which has gathered local food bloggers together into one big happy family. She organises special monthly events and shares valuable information on loads of great foodie endeavours in MN.

We met for a light lunch at Lucia’s...and ended up chatting for three hours!  In person, she is delectably genuine +  really sweet (see that smile?). Actually: irresistible. We hit it off straight away and are already planning another foodie gathering before I go back to Ireland. Yay!

Next week: Ireland in America…it started off when I stumbled upon Clodagh’s book at Anthropologie this week

Slan Abhaile,


Photos by Imen McDonnell

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12 Responses to “A Pedal Pub + A Fresh Tart”

  1. Irene Santos says:

    Imen, I love your column in the Farmers Journal and your Blog. I am a portuguese city girl converted to the wonderful country life in Ireland and am part of the board of a creche in North Cork. We are fundraising to create a sensory garden and vegetable garden in the outdoor area to encourage the children to take an interest in where their food comes from, etc. We are trying to gather family recipes and local recipes as well as some from well known food people.We would love to have one of yours, could you please share something with us? I have a letter with full details of who we are, etc, which I can send to you if youlike. Thanks in advance!

  2. Ilke says:

    I think everybody needs that pub in their hometowns 🙂 We have a 24-hour Bike Ride for MS in Charlotte. I think they should bring this pub in for people who wont be biking but wanna be there to support it ! 🙂 I will bring it to the organizers’ attention…

  3. Aoife Mc says:

    WOAH. Woah. WOAHHH! A PEDAL PUB?? That is THE most amazing thing I have ever heard of, probably. WOW! Amazing!

    And thanks for the heads up on Stephanie’s blog, looking forward to having a look through her archives.

    So glad you’re having a lovely city gal summer. But looking forward to having you back on our side of the pond 🙂

  4. Well this is just lovely, I’m so honored to be on your blog, which I so admire, I just can’t tell you how excited I am! My gosh I had fun meeting you and having the afternoon to chat. So much to talk about, so much fun! I can’t wait to steal more time with you before we have to let you go home…

    • imen says:

      Stephanie, it was so lovely to meet you! And I suspect we could have lingered on chatting for another couple of hours! Can’t wait for tomorrow and Monday evening…good times ahead.
      Could we transplant you to Ireland?!! xx

  5. Cindy Doe says:

    Love the Pedal Pub! But, wouldn’t that be drinking and driving? 🙂 Or drinking and pedaling?

  6. Krista says:

    Oh how fun! I met up with a dear-never-met-in-person-blogger-friend when I got to Amsterdam last month and she is every bit the luv I knew she would be. I love how we can connect with good people all over the globe. 🙂 Hope you have a fantastic trip!

    • imen says:

      Hi Krista, isn’t that the greatest?! We are lucky…great community. I’d love to meet you one day as well! xx

  7. Nenaghgal says:

    Love it! Pedal pubs would be brilliant here wouldn’t they. So glad you are having such a good trip home. Mine was as well although haven’t posted about it yet- been busy focusing on Kilkenny all week. We must finally meet upon your return.

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