Dress by Eilis Boyle, photographed by Peter Evers

As serendipity would have it, I quite unexpectedly discovered Eilis whilst browsing through blogs curled up by a fire one quiet country evening. A blogger had made the comment that a person by the name of “Silent Storyteller” whom {years earlier} had spent an evening of dance with someone who was also a mutual friend of mine. This bit of irony strongly piqued my curiousity and I wanted to know more. I clicked on the hyperlink and was welcomed to her blog, which is, in essence, not really a blog as much as it is a work of art….it’s own special world of whimsy, intimately filled with remarkable fashion imagery and inspirational prose.  And, as if that wasn’t enough to utterly sate your senses, you realize that the real story behind the Silent Storyteller is that she is a world-class designer living in Ireland.

Eilis graciously took the time to share a little bit about herself for my blog and for that I am much obliged….and perhaps you shall be as well. Enjoy.

Tell us about your exotic upbringing and your Irish roots…

My Spanish mother met my Irish father in London in the 60’s and decided to travel the world. I was born in the Caribbean and spent the first years of my life hopping from one country to another, living in places as diverse as Bolivia and Japan. I settled in Spain as a teenager where I trained in fashion in Madrid. After a few more years of travel I decided to move to Ireland in 2001.

What do you love about Ireland?

There is something magical about being isolated. From a creative point of view you are not exposed to the trends and undercurrents that occur in cities like London, New York and Paris. One’s ideas evolve from within and are authentic.

I have made a great group of friends with similar mind set, most of who left at some stage and have come back. It’s a great place to have a small business and with the internet the world is at your feet, no matter where you are now.

How would you describe your design sensibility and your collections?

I try to make collections that will stand the test of time, investment pieces. I love how in the past, like jewelry, that dresses were also passed down from one generation to another. This would be the ultimate dream for me as a designer, that  creations are so valued that they are kept for decades.

What inspires you?

Everything and anything… I’m inspired everyday, all day.  Fabric, colour, travel, music, people, movies, books …and the list goes on and on

How would you define your own personal style?

Quite, comfortable and repetitive…if I like something I will buy three of the same thing and wear them until they fall apart…. Always in black, always in cashmere. I guess working around clothes all the time you do become slightly immune and dare I say indifferent. I hardly get excited when I see clothes…unless that is  I go to Rick Owens’ store in Paris or when I would see any of the late McQueen’s collections. I’ve just revived a hat obsession I had years ago. I love hats and I love shoes…

Which Irish designers do you admire?

There is a legion of incredibly talented designers at the moment in Ireland. Above all, John Rocha, not only in creativity but also in his ability to have a very successful business, internationally, despite living here.

Current Irish designers I also love are Sharon Wauchob, Tim Ryan, and Helen James

Do you source your fabrics and materials in Ireland?

Unfortunately I don’t source any fabrics here, unless you work with Aran qualities, some tweed and linen there is very limited, if almost any, fabric production left. It is quite sad but it’s the reality…Most of my material and yarns come from Scotland, France and Italy.

Would you ever consider living on a farm and having a country atelier?

I would love to have a country atelier. I grow my own vegetables at the moment so the idea of having more space, animals and more isolation would be wonderful… my only condition would be to live within an hour of an international airport. It is important to escape to civilization, once in a while.

Where can we find your latest collection?

Most of the collection is available in my Dublin shop, Bow.

I have focused my business this year on trying to showcase and make the collection available to as many people as possible, direct.  I’m working on my online shop called The Silent Gallery which will hopefully be up and running this Summer.

I’m hoping to present my first Exclusive Collection, which will be a selection of one of kind pieces in September in Dublin. It will be the first time I do a complete ‘couture’ like range.

Eilis’s boutique, Bow, is located in Powerscourt Townhouse, Dublin. You can see her magnificent designs at EilisBoyle.com,  and her beautiful blog, The Silent Storyteller, here.

Slan Abhaile,


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  1. isabel says:

    does she do work experience with 4th year students.

  2. A lovely interview … love her blog, love this post.

  3. meredith says:

    Her style is exquisite! Are your writing is as well
    Thanks for sharing her story:)

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