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17 Aug 2015


Lens & Larder is a series of creative learning retreats that I am producing with Cliodhna Prendergast of Breaking Eggs. For more information + to be signed up to be alerted about upcoming workshops, go to lensandlarder.com.

Since we are about to announce our next Lens & Larder workshop I figured it would be prudent to post images from our last learning retreat with Marte Marie Forsberg at Ballyvolane House, County Cork which was an absolute resounding success.

All of our students were kind, intuitive, colourful & creative souls whom will no doubt forever have a place in the hearts of myself, Cliodhna, and Marte Marie. Marte Marie, who casually prefers simply “Marie” was a gentle teacher who guided each participant in individual visual storytelling assignments utilising the entire Ballyvolane estate, from it’s drawing and dining rooms, to the lush walled gardens fille with fresh vegetables, peppy pigs and a cluster of hens and ducks, a forest filled with wild edibles, an old coach house where Cliodhna prepared a gorgeous trout gravlax demo and also shared her amazing smoked lamb, and finally the fabulous bar where we sampled Justin and Jenny Green’s new milk gin, Bertha’s Revenge, before it went into larger production (yes, it is incredible, and yes! it is available here.)

I am confident that our talented group of learners: Sif Orellana, Leslie Kobrin, Shannon Butler Keane, Jennifer Kouvant and Hans Li (see Hans’ stunning final portrait below), Dervla Conlon and Marian Kilcoyne, and Rebecca Chlolodinki left County Cork with some indispensable tools for photography and styling and all made some wonderful friends along the way. (miss you guys, we need a reunion!)


Here are a few behind-the-scenes snaps of the retreat, please do also refer to the links for Cliodhna, Marte Marie and all of the students for more images. Many, many thanks to our incredible sponsors, Hedley & Bennett, Goatsbridge, 31 Chapel Lane, Superfolk America Village. And, of course, extraordinary thanks to our gracious and always charming hosts, Justin and Jenny Green of Ballyvolane House.

IMG_0409 IMG_3381 IMG_3348 IMG_3286 IMG_0578 IMG_0575 IMG_0566 IMG_0556 IMG_0533 IMG_0515 IMG_0490 IMG_0438 IMG_0338 IMG_0320 IMG_0305 IMG_0291 IMG_0277 IMG_0266 IMG_0245 IMG_0456apronsqaud



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6 Responses to “Lens & Larder”

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  3. Andrea kuhn says:

    Hi I am interested in the workshop if there is room available.
    Also where do you fly into?

  4. Annie Waterman says:

    Hi there,

    I was really excited to come across this site because I will be moving to Ireland (from the states) next year. I also fell for an Irish farmer which brings me to Ireland. Haha:)

    Anyways, when you can, please keep me posted on all events in 2016. I would love to visit! I share passions for traditional craft, art, wholesome food, and farm life. I look forward to being in touch.


  5. Sabrina says:

    Hi Imen, I would love to be part of the next workshop. Do you have some more information about it? Thanks so much!

  6. Shaina says:

    These are so lovely. My favorite are the darker images. Visiting Ireland is high on my bucket list. I absolutely adore what you’re doing with this workshop.

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