Irish Blog Awards

21 Feb 2010

Because I live in the country and am completely, overly, remarkably excited, it would only be right and proper to mention that this blog has just been nominated for an Irish Blog Award. Actually, not in just one, but three categories. Many, many thanks to one and all whom took the time and effort to nominate me! I am flattered beyond belief to be recognized in this manner. I started this blog in Autumn without any expectations and now it seems writing each is something I simply can’t do without. I am thrilled that you are enjoying all of the quirky observations and wonderful discoveries of my newfound Irish country life as much as me.

Slan Abhaile,


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2 Responses to “Irish Blog Awards”

  1. Sirmelja says:

    Congratulations!! Well, I know this isn’t in the same league as the IBA’s, but I also have a Sunshine Award for you. Pick it up on my blog.

  2. sonia says:

    Imen I am ao proud and happy and excited for your promising future in blogging. Your web presence has resonated with so many. It really gives a view into your unique life …asking questions and making observations about your multicultural experience. Keep us entertained, informed, and open-minded.

    Thank you

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