I’ve been long overdue for a proper Farmette recipe post, but, bravo! Gooseberry season has saved the day! Last week Geoffrey and I spent a morning picking gooseberries from the bushes at the farm. Well, he did more picking than I, but I sorted out all the topping and tailing afterward, while he swanned away on a Maltese holiday for a few days (lucky boy!)

Gooseberries have been such a treat for me in Ireland because I had never tried them (or even heard of them) before moving here, and the collecting of the gooseberries is such an absolute seasonal ritual on the farm. A summer does not go by without picking the gooseberries and making jam, but first a pie or cobbler too…


I first found myself cleaning the gooseberries sitting in my late mother-in-law, Peggy’s farm kitchen. It was one of those unusually sunny and close (close = Irish for muggy/super humid) summer days, and I recall both of us wearing our loose pinnies sitting round the table, topping, tailing and talking till the cows literally came home. It was a transformative afternoon for me as it was then that I started seeing all these farm rituals as being so simply celebratory and meaningful to my husband’s family. And, being asked to help made me feel more like that family. Now, topping and tailing gooseberries is not for the faint of heart. You have to exercise patience on this people. It is definitely one of those exercises that you must let yourself get lost in as it can be quite meditative, however, if you don’t go with the flow and keep checking the clock, it will undoubtedly drive you madder than a broom (Irish = going crazy).  The best way to do this task is with a friend or a fantastic mother-in-law and just have a good ol chinwag….. Such good memories, I sure do miss Peggy dearly.


I made a gooseberry cobbler to bring along on our visit to our wonderful friends, Corey and Liam from Irish Fireside. We hadn’t seen them in 3 years (far too long!) and they were at their sweet cottage in County Tipperary, so we stole away one afternoon during the week, gooseberry cobbler wrapped in a tea towel in tow.

When we arrived, Corey had made a gorgeous red currant and apple tart as well. So, after they showed us around the cottage and all the amazing renovations they have been working on, we sat down for tea. 4  hours and two tarts between the 5 of us flew by and alas it was time to go home, although we could’ve stayed long into the night sharing stories and loads of laughter. Look into Irish Fireside if you are ever in need of information on travelling to Ireland, they really do share the best tips around and are truly the most genuine, lovely, gentlemen and consummate hosts.

goosberry2IMG_2673 gooseberry5

Gooseberry Cobbler
750g gooseberries, washed, topped and tailed
120g sugar
3 tbsp elderflower + honeysuckle cordial, optional (see recipe here)
For the topping
140g plain/AP flour
2 tsp baking powder
25g butter
25g sugar
150ml heavy cream
1 tbsp organic raw sugar
1. Heat oven to 190C/170C fan/gas 5. Place the gooseberries, caster sugar, and elderflower in a saucepan with 4 tbsp water and cook, covered, for 5 mins until the berries begin to pop. Tip into a well-buttered baking dish.
2. Make the topping. Sift the flour, baking powder and a pinch of salt into a mixing bowl. Rub in the butter until the mixture looks like breadcrumbs, then stir in the caster sugar. Mix in the cream to give a soft, sticky dough. Dollop spoonfuls on top of the gooseberries, then sprinkle with the raw sugar crystals. Bake for 25 mins or until golden brown and crusty. Stand for 5 mins, then serve with ice cream, whipped cream or crème fraiche.

Slan Abhaile,

Imen xx

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  1. Delicious. Thank you for sharing a terrific — and easy — recipe!

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