Foraging For Holly

09 Dec 2010

A new Irish country tradition that I love

is having fresh holly

strewn about the house for the holidays.

This year, Grandad ventured down to the wood

with his determined lil’ helper in tow

And as they were foraging for holly,

they stumbled upon

a faerie ring of magical mushrooms…

And a glistening green pine

covered in ice drops…

Then, down by the shore

they discovered one berry-less tree

that some hungry little birds had feasted upon

But just beyond

the babbling brook…

hung the most beautiful holly branches

covered with pointy + deep green leaves

and bright crimson berries

And those were the ones

that the foragers brought home

and placed on the mantelpiece.

Happy Holidays

Slan Abhaile,


photos by Imen McDonnell

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9 Responses to “Foraging For Holly”

  1. Melinda says:

    I want to be on a plane right now to Ireland! Lovely!

  2. amyC says:

    I LOVE the photo of your kiddie in the grass – beaut!

    beautiful blog layout too 😀

  3. Beautiful photos and such gorgeous wild holly!

  4. Aoife Mc says:

    Oh how lovely! I love the picture of Grandad and his lil’ helper. Gorgeous! And the holly looks beautiful. I wonder where I could find some to forage in Dublin city centre…hmmmm…:)

    • imen says:

      Thanks Aoife! Come on down to the farm and we can all go foraging together…I can vouch that it’s a feast for a city girl’s senses!! xx

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