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29 Nov 2013


Looking back, around the time that I first landed in Ireland, I remember being absolutely fascinated by how many potatoes were eaten in this country.  Of course, my perspective was somewhat obscured having been on a self-inflicted-American-fad-diet-potato-strike for so many years. Here, spuds were revered and described at the dinner table with such compassion and gusto, it was both astonishing and honorable…and, for a starch-starved food lover, even a wee bit romantic. I recall boldly declaring that one day “I will make an extraordinary film about the potatoes of Ireland!” I even proudly gave it the title of “Práta!” That’s Irish for potato, you see.

Alas, nobody was very excited about my idea, so I shelved it in the hope that one day it would sprout to life.

Well, “Práta!” didn’t happen, but Small Green Fields did. Along with Farmhouse Films, our latest farm endeavour.

So, without further ado, (best viewed in hi-res by clicking on Vimeo link on bottom right hand corner)

Small Green Fields from Imen McDonnell on Vimeo.

I would like to thank everyone who worked on this special little film, both behind and in front the camera, who came together to create this evocative picture of Ireland’s food and farming landscape to share with the world. Last weekend, we were lucky enough to be chosen to screen at the 2013 Chicago Food Film Festival, where I am proud to say the film was very well received, and that we were able to arrange for guests to sample gorgeous Goatsbridge Trout Caviar and Sheridan’s Brown Bread Crackers on the evening.

My hope is that this short piece is just the beginning of more Farmhouse Films projects focusing on Ireland’s incredible food and farming culture. Many thanks to Hayes Design for our lovely Farmhouse Films logo and website.

Slan Abhaile,


Small Green Fields is dedicated to the memory of David Tiernan of Glebe Brethan Cheese & Mary Davis of Ballymore Farm



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28 Responses to “Farmhouse Films”

  1. Jill says:

    Just so very lovely!

  2. I’m verry passionate about Irish producers,
    love irish food,

  3. […] you’ve not yet watched, enjoyed and loved Small Green Fields, then do so now. Boil the kettle, shut the world away for 12 minutes and take in Imen […]

  4. s says:

    Imen, this is so beautiful, I am so happy for you. Everything is perfect, the story, the logo, the voice overs, the works. I hope to see many more films in this genre. Congratulations xo

  5. Asha@fsk says:

    haha.. i totally get the ‘amusing’ quantities of potatoes. every time I go back to Cork, I am simply awed at how there are atleast 3 potato dishes on the table every meal – roasted whole, boiled whole with oodles of buter, mash and usually something else!! BF ofcourse does not think this is out of normal at all, it being his home. I grew up loving potatoes in India and then losing all the love among the flavorless ones in the US now. It is in Ireland, I can rekindle my love for the tater again! 🙂

    Love the movie!! Irish food is indeed simple but because the ingredients are so awesome, simplicity is all you need. Unfortunately, I find replicating that is rather hard on this side of the Atlantic 🙁 Ah well, but we try…

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Oh, Imen, what a stunning film…congratulations! This has left me wanting for more and grateful that I know a little more about the fantastic people who produce such amazing food. What a delight this is for you and for Ireland.

  7. Caitriona says:

    Finally I got a chance to watch this morning! It is brilliant Imen, crafted with love and care. I hope we’ll see far more in the future. There are no greater advocates for food in Ireland than those who produce for us.
    You should be incredibly proud of what you’ve achieved. xxx

  8. Sarah Baker says:

    Hi Imen,
    Your film is really excellent, I love it. It really tells a very good story about what real Irish food is, a phenomon which should really spread around the world, and your production will help to do that. We Irish have to see more of what we have here in Ireland appreciate it and not think that what everything that everybody else has is better. Sometime it take a person from outside the country to show the people within the country what they really have. What a fantastic asset we have here the people, culture, countryside, superb natural food and fun. it makes me proud to do what I do and educate our youth about what real food is and to appreciate it. In my experience it is something that has been clearly missed.

    Well done, very best wishes and continued success.


  9. Naomi says:

    I haven’t seen the film since December last year, pre-graphics, music and final edit. Great work Imen, it really is lovely. I will forward the link to friends here in Germany.

  10. Magda says:

    Congratulations. Oh Imen you managed to put all that’s amazing about Irish food and people that are involved in it. Beautiful little film. Fingers crossed there will be more of them 🙂

  11. Tesei says:

    Lovely video!!!! thank you :-)))

  12. Carey says:

    This is so wonderfully done! The music, message, and visuals are brilliant!

  13. Michael Quinn says:

    Well done this is exactly what we Irish food lovers are about, pure, simple and natural

  14. Loved it Imen! Especially sensitive and the title small green fields?……. well you lived up to it in the images and words……congratulations!

  15. Congratulations, Imen – what a wonderful piece. It’s so great to see our simple but fantastic Irish food showcased in this way. Makes me long for a pint of Copper Coast and some smoked salmon on soda bread!

  16. sylvia says:

    Congratulations!! Amazing short that stays true to the integrity of the produce! Love the graphics!

  17. Julie Smith says:

    Beautifully film that shows the heart of Ireland. Happy for you, your dream coming true.

  18. Niamh says:

    This is so gorgeous and beautifully put together. Well done, Imen. I wish you every success with it xx

    • imen says:

      Thanks Niamh….got Dungarvan in there strong! We shot at Merry’s…have you been? We ended up staying up until the wee hours of the morning with the gang. I love everything about Dungarvan. X

  19. Mary Sheffield says:

    congratulations! lovely film!

  20. Anne Mc Donagh says:

    Well done on a sweet film! You really captured the intensity and the passion of farmers and artisans in Ireland. Really great job.

  21. Dorcas Barry says:

    So lovely, many congrats!

  22. […] Take a look at Imen McDonnell’s (@modernfarmette) wonderful short film Small Green Fields – lovely overview without too much of the romantic and beautifully shot. […]

  23. Oh Imen, congratulations, it is such a beautiful piece telling the true stories of our produce, beautifully shot. I’m so happy for you and everyone who gets to see this!

    • imen says:

      Thank you so much Cliodhna, I hope we can work together one day! Breaking Eggs is so inspiring. Imen x

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