Demi Irish Breakfast

24 Sep 2010

No doubt you’ve heard about the quintessential Full Irish Breakfast. In fact, I previously wrote a blog post detailing out the various delicious elements of this famous breakfast platter which you can read here. While the Full Irish is magnificent and reknowned, I couldn’t help but want to share what I like to call our “Demi Irish Breakfast” which is basically what we routinely eat for the weekday breakfast here on the farm as do many other Irish families around the country. Sure, my husband can fry up a mean full Irish on a Sunday morning for us-always a treat-but we also love the simplicity of a boiled egg in cup with a slice of toast and a pot of jam on the side.

I remember my mother-in-law offering this one morning when I was visiting before moving to Ireland. I just thought it was so special and sweet. Of course, we don’t use eggcups at home and hers were dainty stainless steel cups which had gotten a lot of use over the years and had a little patina to them. In the photo you will see one of her egg spoons. It’s a combination of a tiny butter knife and a spoon, perfect for cutting the egg across and spooning out the egg. You’d have a hard time finding those in shops anymore, though they are the perfect design.

I love this breakfast because I am an egg-white only girl and I can scoop out the yolk (hand it over to hubs) and eat the rest. It’s fun to cut the toast into strips or “soldiers” as they are called here for the children to dip into the yolk of a soft boiled egg. We tend to have full slices with bitter orange marmalade or raspberry preserves, but many families I know serve the sweet little “soldiers” with their eggs and love the dippity dipping.

Why not try a charming little Demi Irish Breakfast this weekend?

Slan Abhaile,


Photo by Imen McDonnell

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6 Responses to “Demi Irish Breakfast”

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  2. Abigail says:

    I am a Scottish girl, with a N. Irish boy, and recently moved to Belfast… so the merits of a full fry are not lost on me 😉

    BUT – the range of yummy breads over here make breakfast time super fun. Our version of the demi breakfast is two crispy strips of bacon each, boiled eggs for the chap and a toasted soda. (wheaten for me, white for him)… sometimes even the bacon gets scrapped in favour of just jam…

    Yours looks lovely. Makes me wish I liked eggs!! Glad to have found your blog 🙂

  3. Kellebelle says:

    Mmm yum! I love eggs – I am an egg white girl too! Ick to the yolk!

  4. Your demi-Irish breakfast is our regular Sunday night supper. No fuss, very little cooking and washing up, and never made by me. Little Missy loves her googie egg as well, especially good when she’s collected the eggs as well!

  5. susan says:

    I remember using eggcups when I was a child. I loved using the little cups that belonged to my mother, with shamrocks all over them. After reading your post, I immediately went on to ebay and purchased myself a set of eggcups and eggspoons. Now I will share new memories with my daughter. Thank you.

  6. Thank you Imen for the memories of my paternal Grandmother by the simple boiled ‘googie’ egg, as she always called it. Soldiers, her homemade jam & tea from the turf heated Stanley No 8 Range. When will the designer wellies be on sale too??

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