25 Nov 2009

Eilis Boyle

Trish Deseine

Donal Skehan

Eoin O’Connor

Kieran Murphy

Helen James

Pamela Farrell

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3 Responses to “Curatorial”

  1. […] Yvette’s book HOMEMADE SUMMER will be released in Ireland and the USA in the spring. {If you liked this interview, I have done a series of interviews with Irish-born creatives here} […]

  2. Anne Bennett Brosnan says:

    Hi Imen,
    Just discovered your website and how I laugh. I’m from Cork city myself and married a Kerry farmer. Whilst it may not present as much of a culture shock as yours, the country v city divide is just as evident! Anyway, it was great to find a like -minded person in a similar sometimes idyllic, sometimes bleak situation (depending on the season!). Write on, Anne BB

  3. kim hathaway says:


    I have really enjoyed reading your blog. I came across it from the Irish Fireside. I have family in Galway/Roscommon Border who live on the farm that my great grandmother grew up on. I have visited all of the cousins in Mount Talbot, Ballinure, Ballinamore Bridge, Athlone, and Antrim. I am absolutely taken with the country side and enjoy your charming description of assimilating into the farm culture! It sounds corny, but I felt right at home with this family as if I had know them all my life. Some of them are very different from how I live, but I loved it just the same! Where in the states are you from?

    Thanks so much, I’ll be looking for more.

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